WEekly Calendar


5:30-6:00pm - Lil Dragon Class

6:15-7:15 - Low Belt Class  (white and orange belts)

7:15-8:15 - High Belt Class (Green & up)



6:15-7:15pm - Low Belt Class (white and orange belts)



6:15-7:15 - Low Belt Class  (white and orange belts)

7:30-8:15 - Martial Fitness Class



5:30-6:00pm - Lil Dragon Class
6:15-7:15pm - High Belt Class  (Green & up)
7:15-8:15pm - Blue & Black Belt Class


6:15-7:15pm - High Belt Class  (Green & up)

No more classes on Saturdays


February –   


3         Color Belt Test 

24       Black Belt Qualifying Test

March – 

24       Black Belt Test 

           Karate College Tournament


7         Color Belt Test 


May –

4          May Day Demonstration at South Eastern Middle School

12        Break-a-thon for H.O.P.E.

12        Black Belt Presentation at Breakathon



June –                   9        Color Belt Test 


July –                    4         School Closed 4th of July

                              7         New Freedom Parade

                              21       Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa
August –              4        Color Belt Test 

                             7         No Classes

                                        National Night out demo at playground above

                                        Shrewsbury School. Sign up at glass case.
                             25       Black Belt Qualifying Test

                             31       No classes School Closed for Labor day weekend

September –       1-3       School Closed for Labor Day

                             15        New Freedom Festival

                                         Garbowski Tournament
                             27        Thursday Night  Black Belt Test for 2nd & 3rd Dan

                             28        Friday Night Black Belt Test for Cho Dan Bo & 1st Dan

October –            6         School Closed for Maintenance

                             12       School Closed for Maintenance
                             20       Tang Soo Do Tournament in Hatsville PA see Master Rickard

                             27       Self Defense Clinic and Black Belt Presentations (more info to follow)


November –                  Open Tournament in Dillsburg PA

                             10        Battle on the Mountain Tournament
                             22-23   School Closed for Thanksgiving

December –         8          Color Belt Test

                             11        Shrewsbury/Delta Christmas Party

                             24-25   School Closed for Christmas

                             31-1     School Closed for New Years


Ryu Pa Karate Shrewsbury • 137 North Sunset Drive, Shrewsbury PA 17361 • 717.235.0959 • shrewsbury@ryupakarate.com

Note: New Schedule Effective October 1st!!!

Note: Individual school events are on their own school calendar page. 

For Shrewsbury & Delta Location only

Ryu Pa Shrewsbury schedule

2018 Calendar for Shrewsbury