OUr Executve Board

Kwan Jang Nim John Ennis
8th Dan in Tang Soo Do

Founder and CEO

Kwan Jang Nim Ennis became interested an started practicing martial arts in 1960. Many of the military soldiers returning from overseas wanted to continue their practice. Kwan Jang Nim had already been reading every piece of literature he could find on martial arts. However, the real test was on the at and later on the street. He had the opportunity to practice Jujitsu and Judo. While at school and college he wrestled, learning the concepts of leverage and locks. He later started down the path of the Korean style of Tae Kwon Do, but soon after reaching Black Belt level switched to Tang Soo Do. Here he found the essence of what he was looking for. He thought of it as "kinetic chess"; the mind and body as one. Kwan Jang Nim has operated a Tang Soo Do school since 1984.
He was fortunate to train with many leading instructors both in Tang Soo Do as well as other martial arts. He had the opportunity to be both a tournament competitor as well as a tournament director. He has been a leader in several Tang Soo Do organizations and now has founded an organization built around his principles of learning, training, evaluating, and improving.

Senior Master Joe Rickard
7th Dan in Tang Soo Do, 1st Dan in Haidong Gumdo 

Executive Vice President

Master Rickard’s interest in martial arts began with the movie Billy Jack and comic books like DC’s Karate Kid and Marvel’s Iron Fist. He began training in Tang Soo Do under John Ennis in 1984 and received his 1st Dan in 1987. He attended Mansfield University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History with an emphasis in education. While at college he was exposed to Judo. After graduation he moved to southern York County. He currently holds the rank of 7th Dan in Tang Soo Do and 1st Dan in Haidong Gumdo (Korean sword art). He has competed locally, nationally, and internationally and is currently chairman of the technical advisory committee which is responsible for curriculum development and standards. His other interest include history, cooking, and science fiction.