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Weapons Training

At Ryu Pa Karate weapons training is a part of our curriculum in each program. All students learn a different weapon at each level during classes. 

Ryu Pa Karate Delta teaches traditional Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo do is great for the whole family! It's core thee is self-improvement, which takes place in several levels­­—physical, mental and moral. Tang Soo Do is a premier blend of traditional Chinese hand techniques, accompanied by spectacular Olympic-winning Korean kicking skills. You will learn both empty hand and weapon techniques. Tang Soo Do is an exciting mix of traditional martial arts with critical “real-world” life skills.

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Ryu Pa Karate Delta

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Give your Student a head start developing Confidence, Focus and a Sense of Goal Setting, while in a fun safe environment learning life skills that will be with them forever!​

Discipline learning to respect and listen during class is a key part of our instruction. The student will learn discipline throughout their martial arts training.



Sparring is the practical application of various forms against an actual opponent. While the practice of free fighting develops self-defense skills other benefits include confidence, physical fitness and control.​

Family Classes

Self Defense is the study of how t respond to various attacks. The practitioner learns when how and where to attack an assailant using strikes, grappling and joint locking techniques.

Breaking is done to practice and demonstrate the power, precision and great mental concentration of the Tang Soo Do practitioner. Items such as bricks, boards and cement blocks are broken since it is not feasible to use this sort of power on another person in everyday practice.

Self Defense

More detailed information about what we teach are listed below.

• Family Classes

• Black Belt Classes

• Weapons Training

• Self Defense

• Breaking

• Sparring

• Discipline

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This hour class is geared to allow families to take class together to help their busy schedule. This class allows all belt levels and ages 6 and up to take class together. For families who have more than 2 people enrolled in any of our programs. (sorry no dragons allowed in this class). For ages 6 years and up.


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