Senior Master Jim Ennis

7th Dan in Tang Soo Do

Master Jim Ennis has studied Tang Soo Do since 1984. He has competed in many tournaments and judged at all levels in tournaments.

Master Robert Straub

5th Dan in Tang Soo Do

1st Dan Wu Shu

5th Gup in Haidong Gumdo

Master Straub started training in 1985 under Maryann Walsh, the first woman in MDK to reach Master. He received his Cho Dan in MDK in April of 1989, and received his E Dan in 1991. He took time off to attend nursing school and resumed training in 1996. He tested for 3rd Dan with his assistant instructor Lori Earl in 2000, then met Master Steele in 2008 and tested for his 4th Dan. He continued to train with Master Steele and obtained the rank of 5th Dan. 




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Board Of Directors

Information / Security

Master Chris Szilagyi

5th Dan in Tang Soo Do

4th Dan in Haidong Gumdo

Haidong Gumdo