Areas of Practice
‚Äčand Benefits

Ryu Pa Karate started modestly in 2014. By 2015 it grew with the addition of several Tang Soo do schools. Our leaders have over 30 years each of experience in Tang Soo Do. It is a branch along the martial arts river that takes traditional concepts and puts them in the world today. We offer many programs designed around students age and interests.

Within our Tang Soo Do curriculum there are several areas of training. Forms, Free Fighting, Breaking, Self-Defense, Meditation, Weapons and Ground Fighting/Grappling

Everyone can benefit from Tang Soo Do practice Children develop concentration, and confidence, which helps them in school. Teens experience a sense of pride in themselves to stand up for what is right. Adults find that Tang Soo Do allows them to advance at their own pace, handle daily stress and feel years younger. Everyone sets his or her own personal goals of achievement in order to become a well-developed, graceful and fulfilled individual.

About Us

Tang Soo Do teaching has been influenced over the years by many of the Asian Martial Arts and their style leaders. In Tang Soo Do we focus on three major areas of improvement: Self-Defense, Self-Improvement, and Self Esteem.

Our Style